Pomerania Curling Cup 2017
Pomerania Curling Cup 2017 - plakat
  • Data: 05 maj 2017 - 07 maj 2017
  • Lokalizacja: Hala Olivia, al. Grunwaldzka 470, GdańskPokaż
  • Liczba drużyn: 28
  • Zwycięzca: AZS Gliwice Smok i JWK
  • Liczba odsłon: 1224
  • Status: Zakończony
General information:

It is 3rd edition of Pomerania Curling Cup that is a continuation of successful Sopot Mayor's Cup organized in 2007, 2009 and 2012.
2 social meetings are planned.

Tournament will be played on newly renovated ice rink that is equipped in modern airconditioning system that assures curling ice quality.

Along with this tournament, junior's tournament (U18) will be played.

(see http://curlingevent.pl/event/PomeraniaJuniors2017)

Hope to see you in Sopot and Gdańsk soon and spend lots of enjoyable moments on ice!

Format: Swiss system - 5 games guaranteed for each team, 6th round for the best 10 teams
Best price in Hotel Olivia (the same building as ice arena) http://www.hotelolivia.org.pl/
480 € for 3 nights with breakfast (4 people) - entry fee included
580 € for 4 nights with breakfast (4 people) - entry fee included